Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can I register without paying the study fees before hand?
A1: No, you cannot.

Q2: Can I register without having my document and certificate validated?
A2: No, you cannot.

Q3: What will happen if I register late after the registration date stated by the University?
A3: The offer will be terminated/withdrawn except with a written permission from the BPP (Student Intake Division)

Q4: As a first semester student, can I make an application and appeal to switch campus?
A4: No, you cannot. Appeal can be only made at the end of the first semester.

Q5: Can I make an application to appeal to switch programme in the first (1) semester?
A5: No, you cannot. Application to switch your programme can only be made in writing to the Dean of the Faculty / Campus Director, within seven (7) days before the second semester starts.

Q6: My son suffers from asthma, is there any medical facilities provided by the university in every branch campus?
A6: Yes, we have. In every branch campus, we provide medical unit and amenities, headed by medical officers and trained nurses.

Q7: Who can I contact for emergency matters after office hours?
A7: You can contact the resident staff or the security unit of your campus.

Q8: What personal needs should I bring during registration day?
A8: You should bring considerable amount of pocket money together with your toiletries, books and stationery. Also bring a pillow and its cover, sports attire, formal attire, praying mat/garment, pail, soap, and other things that you think important and appropriate.

Q9: If I arrive late for registration, where should I go?
A9: You are advisable to meet with the staff of the International Relations Unit, Level 2, Chancellery Building, UiTM Shah Alam.

Q10: I have not done the medical examination; can I come for the registration?
A10: Yes, you can. You are given three (3) weeks from the registration date to complete your medical examination.

Q11: My family wants to accompany me during registration day, where can my family stay that is closest to UiTM?
A11: The nearest place to stay around UiTM is the UiTM Hotel, INTEKMA Resort (Shah Alam) and the Guest House at the branch campuses.

Q12: As a new student, can my son bring his own car/motorbike?
A12: No, he cannot.

Q13: What is the proper attire during registration?
A13: The dress code is formal and appropriate, as stated in the guidelines under the student dress code.

Q14: I represent my country in Squash, is there any squash court provided?
A14: Yes, other sports facilities are also provided by the University.

Q15: I am a final year student, and fail to complete my programme in time before the registration day, can I register?
A15: No, you cannot.

Q16: What is MMS?
A16: MMS stands for Minggu Mesra Siswa or Orientation Week. The orientation week is organised for new students for the purpose of getting to know each other and UiTM.