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Go Global : Staff Mobility Program

 Staff Mobility Program (SMP) were an activity that increasing the mobility among administrative and academy members of staff. The programme provides opportunities for support staff to spend time at other places or institutions through a programme tailor-made to individual staff member’s development needs. Office of International Affairs (OIA) have organized staff mobility program in Universiti Teknologi MARA for about three year with tagline 3E (Engage, Enrich, Embed). That program involved academic and administrator staff in UiTM. Duration for that program was about one week to one year. Many program have been draf by OIA for that program like research, project, teaching, talk/training and job shadowing. There two type of staff mobility program that have being organized by OIA which is long-term and short-term program. For long-term, program that have been organized were sabbatical, post doctoral, professional training and ‘sub expertise’ (Medic). While the Short-term program include teaching attachment, research attachment and short-term program.

Benefits of Staff Mobility Program (SMP)

Staff mobility program (SMP) gives benefit to staff like:

  • Engage with new interactional contacts
  • Discover best practices and global opportunities
  • Learn and share new ideas
  • Enrich portfolio, transfer knowledge back into workplace, enrich international and intercultural understanding
  • Enhance communication skills and develop new skills.

 Benefits Staff Mobility Program (SMP) to other stakeholder

  • Staff experience abroad: Enrich student’s experience
  • Increase institutional visibility
  • Enhance quality of t&l, research and best practices
  • Increase inter institutional cooperations and reciprocity
  • Increase prestige, talent and resources or both national and global levels.

Staff Mobility Program (Inbound/Outbound) Process (Please click here)